Fresh or whatever

At the weekend, as a gift for my graduation I updated the Drupal core of the site, as it was begging for it about six months. From 7.24 to 7.28. Of course, I was afraid for a good reason: I got Internal Server Error for the first trial again. the solution was not to update .htacces - if I remember correctly. I don't know how will I manage if I need to updat that one too.

After the site was on its feet again, I searched for a solution to the problem with color schemes: the site did not change its colos after I modified them in the color module, only made it fall apart. I found a solution to this problem also, There is a .htacces file somewhere in the "files" folder, where I commented out the options (the second and third rows). After this, I managed to change the colors to this beautiful warm yellow and brown combination (what an artistic choice, ah!). After this, I got my attention attached to the fact that my name (a.k.a. site name) disappeared from the page, which I thing is related to those settings - althoug it's not a great loss, I have bigger problems now.

My bigger concern is that the modules page still want me to update the core, as it says, I have 7.24. Well, I have not. Checked the status report: current version: 7.28, there is a recommended security update to 7.28. Of course, I found solution to this problem again (viva la help forums), another users fought with this phenomenon and found that if I would first update to 7.25, than 7.26, etc. Hmm... I will not do that now, because the system works perfectly.