Warm up is necessary

Even if you are an F1 car. There are lots of videos and articles about how fit the Formula-1 drivers are and how they reach this, which is understandable as the media speaks to broad range of people who are more interested in seeing the wolds best drivers more close to them, see their human face.
Altough there are a lot of people who are more interested in the technical details of this sport, some of them write great blogs with insigths for people like me. I would like to highlight the awesom blog of Craig Scarborough with the most detailed descriptions and drawings of the fresh inventions available for free. In Hungarian, the most tech-fan blog I know is the Formula1Tech written by István Papp. Both ScarbsF1 and Formula1Tech uses Twitter. For these people with a scent of tech-fetish I found a video on Youtube:

It caught my eye immediately, as this is the first video where I can watch what the driver can see on his steering wheel. But this video doesn't only shows, it explains, what we can see, making it more valuable for me. Previously, Sauber published an infographic and a video about steering wheels in F1, but the video did not explain, and the picture did not show it exactly.

Of course, as a good introduction, this explanation of the installation lap creates more questions than I had before. Previously I tought it is only for try some reference settings with a probably good setup. As we can find out, this lap is much more important: this is the first run of the car, this is the lap where the designers, engineers, technicians and the whole team will see what did they create. Sometimes they find big problems, as happened with Lotus last year. But I never knew that the gearbox ha to learn where the ratios are. Also, I tought that engine mapping is somehow a known variable, as it can be tested and set in the garage or in the factoy. Although it's a big question, how can the motor spin the wheels on the ground.
I recommend this video, sadly Mercedes' channel has only a few technical one, and this one stands out from the others.