Kinect for Windows in da house! I mean on Lubuntu

Today I got my hands on a Kinect for Windows. But I only have XP and Lubuntu 12.04 on my machine, so I had a choice... and decided to try to make it work on the Linux. It was worth the time.

I checked 3 tutorials, two about freenect, one about OpenNi, but I could compile neither. This tutorial required some trial and error too, but eventually it provided a result - I could see some image.

Some comments on the instructable: I use Lubuntu 12.04, and it worked, however, you should always choose the freshest versions from both the Vrui and Kinect (now 3.1-002 and 2.8 respectively). Also, Vrui has a .sh script which failed to finish its job, so I recommend to download, then $make and $make install than run that script.